Business values

Klean Kanteen CEO rallies consumers, local companies; FKO announces impending closure; RV camping at the casino

This past week has been a doozy. And I think I can say that on behalf of everyone, whether Inauguration Day brought with it fear or optimism for what lies ahead. After such an emotionally charged election season, witnessing the changing of the guard was likewise emotional.

One thing I’ve noticed this presidential year that sets it apart is the fiery passion it has ignited in so many people. I love it! And while I fall more in the fear category above, this individual and community empowerment that’s washed over America is reason enough for some optimism. So, when I read the impassioned email sent out by Klean Kanteen CEO and President Jim Osgood on the eve of the inauguration, I felt a sense of pride for being part of this special community.

The overall message of Osgood’s letter was to rally the community around the common cause of fighting against injustice, whether it be through activism, with one’s wallet or, in the case of local businesses, joining the B Corp movement. (According to, B Corps are “for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” In addition to Klean Kanteen, locally, ChicoBag is also a B Corp.)

“This is what we stand for,” Osgood writes. “United in cause and inspired by action. As a global business committed to positive social change, we will not cower behind fear-based tactics and we will not be silenced. We are stronger and more committed to our mission than ever.

“Above all, we urge you to organize, to gather together, mobilize and use your voice. Your voice matters. You can make a powerful difference with simple, daily choices. As they say, ‘vote with your wallet’—buy brands that reflect you and what you believe in.”

I am right there with him. It’s not always the most economical choice to support businesses based on their social or environmental values, but sometimes that choice is more important than money. So, go forth, dear readers. In this time of uncertainty, spend your money thoughtfully. Support businesses you believe in and keep your dollars out of hands that could do you harm. The time is now.

In other news After 33 years in business, local children’s clothing store FKO (For Kids Only) has announced it’s preparing to shut its doors on East Avenue in Chico. The shop’s Facebook page explains the closure, expected at the end of April, is due to a rash of break-ins this past year and an offer from Chuck Patterson to purchase the property to expand the car dealership. Loyalists, don’t fret: FKO’s Oroville location is still going strong.

Pack that RV I was over at Gold Country Casino last week and ran into Grant Townsend, director of marketing for the casino, who informed me that the swath of land under development just east of the main building is slated to become an RV park. Considering its proximity to the lake, it makes perfect sense. No camp sites, though; just recreational vehicles. Just don’t bet your boat on Blackjack.