Bride Wars

Rated 2.0

Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have been BFFs for, like, ever, and they’ve been planning their weddings for just as long. Now they’re 26, they both get engaged the same week. And since they’ve shared the same dream for over a decade, they naturally go to the same wedding planner and try to book the same venue for the same month. Had the film’s writers been content with the aforementioned coincidences and similarities, the movie could have worked smashingly. Two best friends fighting over whose wedding is going to be more memorable … there’s some comedy genius in there somewhere. But no, they had to go and bugger things up by not only scheduling the weddings in the same month but on the same day. The two then set out to ruin each others’ evenings by any means possible, baring their fangs to the world. Hudson and Hathaway, who have both made names for themselves playing good girls, are fun to watch being mean, but would two best friends really let their wedding nights get between them? Tinseltown. Rated PG