Yes Man

Rated 4.0

Carl is down-on-his-luck, stuck in a rut, happier renting DVDs and watching them at home alone than going out and being with people, trying new things. Carl (Jim Carrey) is so bad, in fact, he needs a near act of God to pull him out of the doldrums. He gets it in the form of a “Yes” seminar. The whole idea behind saying yes to everything is obviously silly, but despite that fact, Yes Man is surprisingly fresh and, most importantly, fun. When Carl leaves the seminar, he is immediately confronted with questions to which he would ordinarily say no. Some are dumb, others hilarious, but all of them revelatory in that they lead him down a path to general happiness. All of a sudden he takes up a dozen hobbies—playing guitar, flying, speaking Korean—each of which open doors not previously available to him. The message is simple—if you open yourself up to opportunities, you never know what good stuff might come your way—but positive in a way that few movies are these days. Feather River Cinemas, Paradise Cinema 7 and Tinseltown. Rated PG-13