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Help save downtown icon The Bookstore from closing its doors

Josh Mills, longtime manager of The Bookstore, with his 12-year-old son, Ender, and 10-year-old daughter, Seven.

Josh Mills, longtime manager of The Bookstore, with his 12-year-old son, Ender, and 10-year-old daughter, Seven.

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Help save The Bookstore!!!
If you commit one act of semi-random kindness this Christmas season, let it be that of giving your financial support—even a small amount—to help save The Bookstore at 118 Main St.

While the CN&R reported last month that the downtown landmark (and all-around awesome place to buy used books) is staying put despite the fact that longtime owner Ron Barrett was retiring, The Bookstore—in the process of becoming owned by longtime manager and nice guy Josh Mills—is actually now in danger of closing its doors. Mills has until Feb. 4 to raise a total of $35,000 to prevent its closure.

“After 37 years in operation, the owner decided it was time to retire and close up shop,” states The Bookstore’s Indiegogo fundraising website. “The Mills family [Josh, his wife, Muir Hughes, and their children, Ender and Seven] wished to keep the store open, giving a deposit to stop the closure. The remaining balance must be raised in the next 45 days to purchase the business and keep the doors open. …

“Located in the heart of downtown, community arts and cultural events will be promoted as a new vision for the store with the focus remaining on providing a large selection of high quality used books. Literacy advocacy, regular children’s story-hour and poetry readings will be implemented.”

People love The Bookstore for its huge selection of top-quality used fiction and nonfiction books—including a wide array of cookbooks, some cool quirky and out-of-print stuff, and a massive children’s-book section—as well as for its good vibes. I love the feeling of poring over row upon row of books, while listening to the good music (often jazz) that plays over the sound system, and I know I’m not alone.

I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like if The Bookstore was gone.

Additionally, the Mills family is even kind enough to give you a present if you give them a little crucial financial help. A donation of $15 will net you a Bookstore Wooden Nickel worth $5 in store merchandise, plus a Bookstore postcard; $25 will get you the same two things, plus a “The Bookstore” T-shirt. A $50 pledge will be rewarded with all three items, plus a sculpture by Muir Hughes (who happens to be a wonderful artist).

Michael Pollan is heartened by the growing GMO-labeling movement.

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The 1st Edition Faulkner package (for a $2,500 donation), Jake Early “Orient & 3rd St.” package ($2,000 donation) and the Signed Ansel Adams package ($350) are sold out—yay! But there’s a great 1st Edition Charles Bukowski X 3 package just waiting to be claimed by the person who donates $1,000.

Go to to learn more, and to donate.

Thank you, sir!
I was very happy to receive an email from none other than widely known author and food activist Michael Pollan, telling me, after reading my recent piece on Proposition 37 and the future of the food movement (See “Taking it nationwide,” CN&R, Dec. 13) that he is indeed “heartened” by the efforts of the growing number of pro-GMO-labeling movers-and-shakers around the state and nation (including Chico’s own Pamm Larry) who are working to make labeling GMO foods in the United States a reality.