Bonus bands

Six more local music-makers to listen for

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Frankie Doppler’s Nuclear Sunrise

When high-schoolers figure out how to start a band, they have more fun than the rest. And the colorful goofballs in Frankie Doppler’s Nuclear Sunrise appear to be having a blast with their hyper mix of ska, punk and funky rock. Change out of your cranky pants and give in to the fun.

Low Flying Birds

Some old names from some old bands—Doug Stein and Noel Carvalho of Swamp Zen; Sid Lewis and Johnny Lombardo of Crazygrass—come together for a new take on bluegrass music. You could call it jamgrass, but the band’s description of “California boogie grass” gives a better image of the happy group’s fast-tempoed good-time sound.


Despite being the youngest musician in the local electronic-dance-music scene, 17-year-old Michael Jones is making bigger waves in the greater EDM world than anyone in Chico. The dubstep producer/DJ has been all over the charts in 2012 at, including snagging No. 1 for the collaborative remix (with Protohype) of Static Revenger’s “Turn the World On (feat Dev).”

Star Thistle Wall

Redding dude Thomas Fogg comes south to lead a band of funky friends and fellow Chico State recording-arts students with a grooving brand of indie rock that is equally comfortable on the stages of LaSalles and Café Coda. A debut CD and live DVD are in the works.

Bran Crown

If you’re looking for sweet, angelic melodies and pretty guitars, just take your glass of chardonnay and keep walkin’, because in here we have a flask of Wild Turkey tucked in our coat and we’re gonna drown these demons in Don Parrish’s freak-folk flames and warm our broken hearts at the fire.

The LoLos

The LoLos do that thing that Chico loves so much—strike a delicate balance between breezy and groovy. The new four-piece rock crew just released their debut EP and are working on a full-length to be called XOXO—go to and hear the first single, “Nightbird.” It’s, you know, breezy and groovy.

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