Blades of Glory

Rated 4.0

Blades of Glory puts Will Ferrell in a leotard. And asks him to dance. And it is a thing of, well, not quite beauty—but definitely entertainment. Ferrell plays Chazz Michael Michaels, the only man to have won a gold medal in figure skating as well as an adult film award. Chazz’s chief rival is Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder), whose overly effeminate demeanor puts quite a different spin to his performance. When the two end up getting twin gold medals at a competition and fight each other to the ice, they are banned from figure skating for life. But wait! There’s a loophole! Nobody ever said they couldn’t skate in the doubles category. The dynamics between the two are wonderful. Chazz is an overweight, oversexed drunk. And Jimmy is a delicate little flower. Their styles have to merge somewhere in the middle, and getting there involves a lot of ball busting and gliding in uncomfortable positions. The gay jokes predictably ensue, but actually they poke more fun at the world of pairs figure skating than anything.