The Hills Have Eyes 2

Rated 2.0

Pretty much nothing more than a cavalcade of uniformed stereotypes doing really stupid things. Here, franchise chef Wes Craven hands over the scripting chores to his son to help him snag a WGA card, and it shows. Taking a page from the killer Cajun epic Southern Comfort, a bunch of National Guard noobs drop by an old nuclear testing site to check on a gub’ment research team camping out in the New Mexico desert. No one from the team is left in one piece, but in their place there’s plenty of cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers popping up from their spidey holes every time one of the troopers does something stupid … which works out to about every few minutes. For a squad of soldiers training to go to Iraq, these knobs have the survival skillz of a bunch of emo cutters. Badly written, acted and directed, it’s only good for unintentional laugh.