Bikes, bikes everywhere

It’s hard to ignore Chico’s love affair with bicycles. Thanks to our community’s flat streets, getting around on two wheels is easy. And riding is going to get even easier in the coming months with the continuation of the bike paths that will link central Chico to the southeastern parts of town.

In our fourth annual Bike Issue, we give you an update on that progress. At the same time, you’ll learn about the work of the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. Didn’t know we had that committee? Most people don’t. You’ll also get the scoop on Chico’s first bike box. What’s a bike box? Hint: It’s not actually a box.

You’ll also learn about the prettied-up ways to lock up your ride. Of course, since we cannot get enough of these two-wheeled contraptions, we also take a look at the Chico Museum’s latest exhibit of all things bicycle. There are other biking features throughout the issue (look for the biking symbol). Happy reading and riding!