Bike Issue: Risky junctures

Dangerous places to ride in Chico

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Jim Walker, Chico City Councilman and avid cyclist, gives some sound advice when probed for the least-desirable areas to ride in the city: Stay away from the areas you find difficult to navigate when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Makes sense—the more traffic, the more dangerous.

The CN&R took note when local cyclists gave their opinions (many of them overlapping) on the most dangerous roadways or intersections. Here is a sampling:

• Second Street

• Mangrove Avenue

• Nord Avenue (east of Stewart Avenue)

• The Esplanade

• East Avenue (west of Mariposa Avenue)

• E. First Avenue

• Manzanita Avenue (west of Moreland Drive)

• Intersection at E. 20th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway

• Intersection at Cohasset Road and Manzanita Court (near Holiday Inn)

• Eighth and Ninth streets