Best of Oroville

Readers’ choice awards

Montgomery Street Pub

Montgomery Street Pub

Photo By Matthew siracusa

Antique Store

1ST PLACE: Northwestern Trading Co.
1910 Bird St.; 534-9005

A whole afternoon can be lost among the collectables in this store that occupies the corner of Bird and Huntoon streets. The Western-themed mural on the store’s outside wall is a preview of the transformation into a place that seems like something from the past. Inside you’ll find neatly kept rows of items and collectables ranging from hardware to dishes, jewelry, furniture and more.

2ND PLACE: Lock, Stock & Barrel (tie)
1967 Montgomery St.; 533-3808

2ND PLACE:The ARC Emporium (tie)
2745 Oro Dam Blvd.; 532-1272

Auto Repair Shop

1ST PLACE: Triple S Tires & Brakes
2971 Lincoln St.; 534-5770

Employees at Triple S Tires & Brakes take pride in the personalized service and customer satisfaction that set the shop apart from large retailers. The store’s motto is “your neighborhood tire shop.” From tires and batteries to brakes and alignment, the shop offers all kinds of services to keep your car in good shape. Expect a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will keep you coming back for your automotive needs.

2ND PLACE: Dirks Automotive & Transmission
2160 Montgomery St.; 534-1672

3RD PLACE: Briggs Firestone
1600 Feather River Blvd.; 533-9330


1ST PLACE: Montgomery Street Pub

1933 Montgomery St.; 533-0900

As the slogan says, the Montgomery Street Pub is “the only place to be” for Oroville’s party people. There’s something going on every night, with karaoke on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all-request DJ on Wednesdays, DJ dancing on Fridays and Saturdays, plus $2 Bud Lights, Bud Limes and Corona Lights, and pub snacks and free pool all the time.

2ND PLACE: Gold Country Casino
4020 Olive Highway; (800) 334-9400

3RD PLACE: Keg Room
3035 Oro Dam Blvd. East; 534-1394

Clothing/Shoe Store

1ST PLACE: Evolve Boutique
1950 Bird St.; 533-2626

Anyone looking for the latest fashion should peek inside this cute boutique located in downtown Oroville. The locally owned and operated Evolve offers a wide selection of trendy clothes for “guys and dolls.” Racks are filled with popular casual-wear brand names like Hurley and Fox, but the store also boasts designer handbags and accessories. There’s also a Tuxedo rental service and a modest selection of ladies formal wear.

2ND PLACE: Ruby’s Boutique
1858 Montgomery St.; 532-1399

3RD PLACE: Red Fly
1919 Montgomery St.; 533-9307


1ST PLACE: Gold Country Casino & Hotel Steakhouse
4020 Olive Hwy.; 800-334-9400

Is there anything Gold Country Casino doesn’t have? Live music, bowling, gaming (naturally), the lounge, the piano bar, the hotel and a bona fide steakhouse. From their selection of 100-percent grain fed, Midwest USDA Choice grade certified beef, you can pick anything from a cut of prime rib to the 24-ounce porterhouse. Get there for the early-bird special (5-5:45 p.m., Sun.-Fri.—closed Tues.) and get a full meal, with salad, dessert and your choice of prime rib, shrimp primavera, teriyaki mahi mahi or blackened king salmon, for only $16.95.

2ND PLACE: Tong Fong Low
2051 Robinson St.; 533-1488

3RD PLACE: Scoops Café
2005 Bird St.; 534-7277<i.</p>

Place for Breakfast

1ST PLACE: Iron Village
<i1905 Mitchell Ave.; 534-5236</i>

If a restaurant closes midday, chances are it specializes in breakfasts. Iron Village specializes in breakfast. At 6 a.m. every day, the hearty breakfasts start coming off the grill, and for eight hours hungry customers fuel up on omelets, scrambles, French toast and waffles. This eatery is open till 2 p.m., so lunches are served as well. (If you’re sticking around for lunch, you have to try the garlic fries.)

2ND PLACE: The Cornucopia of Oroville
515 Montgomery St.; 534-9025

3RD PLACE: Gold City Grill

935 Oroville Dam Blvd.; 533-9332

Place for Lunch

1ST PLACE: La Costeña de Acapulco Restaurant
1900 Oro Dam Blvd.; 538-8101

Serving up the flavors of the “Acapulco coast,” the cozy La Costeña de Acapulco features the familiar Mexican staples that make lunch-goers salivate. From favorites like the tortas, chili rellenos and enchiladas to the occasional special barbecue chicken burritos, La Costeña is an inexpensive and flavorful way to eat a hearty meal.

2ND PLACE: Roxy’s Golden Poppy Deli
1967 Montgomery St.; 534-4800

3RD PLACE: Applebee’s
2160 Feather River Blvd.; 534-4500

Place for Dinner

1ST PLACE: Applebee’s
2160 Feather River Blvd.; 534-4500

It’s not the world’s largest casual-dining chain for nothing. The hugely popular “neighborhood grill” gives locals a dizzying array of choices for dinner: baby back ribs, fajitas and a wide variety of steaks, salads, sandwiches and pastas. And with its famous appetizer menu and full-service bar, you can make a meal from a couple of margaritas and an Ultimate Trio of your choice of everything from boneless buffalo wings to mini bacon cheeseburgers.

2ND PLACE: Gold Country Casino & Hotel Steakhouse
4020 Olive Hwy.; 800-334-9400

3RD PLACE: Scoops Café
2005 Bird St.; 534-7277

Place for Coffee

1ST PLACE: One62 Coffee
980 Oro Dam Blvd.; 533-6094

“Coffee, community, conscience” is the simple and ambitious slogan for the active little Oroville coffee shop/meeting place known as One62 Coffee. In addition to offering up teas, pastries and locally roasted fair-trade coffee, owners Erik and Kristin Day are actively involved in humanitarian causes, donating a portion of their monthly profits to the World Vision relief and development organization.

2ND PLACE: Mug Shots Coffee House & Internet Cafe
1382 Myers St.; 538-8342

3RD PLACE: Lots’a Java
1661 Feather River Blvd.; 534-9926
116 Table Mountain Blvd.; 534-8503

Place for Dessert

Scoops Café

Photo By Matthew siracusa

1ST PLACE: Scoops Café
2005 Bird St.; 534-7277

This ’50s-style café specializes in sweet treats, including Italian gelato and sorbetto. Soups, sandwiches and gourmet hotdogs are also served. Teas, Italian sodas and a variety of blended drinks are part of the of delicious menu options, too. Several days a week, Scoops offers entertainment, such as karaoke on Thursdays, family game night on Fridays, and movie night on Saturdays. Birthday parties and private events can be arranged.

2ND PLACE: The Cornucopia of Oroville
515 Montgomery St.; 534-9025

3RD PLACE: Yogurts to Go
1096 Oro Dam Blvd. East; 533-1022

Place to Pray/Meditate

1ST PLACE: Oroville Church of the Nazarene
2238 Monte Vista Ave.; 533-7464

The Church of the Nazarene’s big, beautiful, modern facility may be why it was voted Oroville’s Best Place to Pray/Meditate. Or perhaps it’s more than the building. It could be Pastor Ed Redfern’s 30 years of leadership in growing the church from its humble beginnings into the large, active organization it is today. But it might also be the loyal congregations’ involvement in the community and the church’s outreach and charity work. Then again, maybe it’s all of the above.

2ND PLACE: Foothill Community Church
2475 Foothill Blvd.; 533-0912

3RD PLACE: The Father’s House
2833 Fort Wayne; 534-4140

Place to Work Out

1ST PLACE: Level 10 Crossfit (tie)
2628 Lincoln Blvd.; 403-9866

1ST PLACE: Oroville Sports Club (tie)
2600 Oro Dam Blvd.; 538-0123

It seems Oroville residents have very different tastes when it comes to working out. Level 10 Crossfit’s small, Spartan facility offers few amenities, but promises a demanding, no-nonsense workout. It specializes in boot camp-style classes that incorporate functional movements, including weightlifting, basic gymnastics, calisthenics, plyometrics, medicine-ball training and overall cardiovascular conditioning. Oroville Sports Club is a big, beautiful facility offering a wide range of fitness equipment and machines, two pools, a hot tub, sauna, locker room, child care and more. The business’ goal is to create a friendly and nonintimidating atmosphere that allows members to feel comfortable and reach their goals.

3RD PLACE: Oro West Racquet & Health Club
4551 Oro Dam Blvd.; 534-7541

Gift Store

1ST PLACE: The Address
1359 Myers St.; 532-1940

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift to accent your own collection or something nice for someone else, The Address is the place to go. Treasures of all sizes, colors and shapes can be found here. The extra effort to find something special for those you love will be noticeable in the novelty items and exceptional gifts from this shop located in historic downtown Oroville.

2ND PLACE: Feather River Kitchen & Gifts
2005 Bird St.; 538-2026

3RD PLACE: Day Dreams (tie)
1360 Myers St.; 534-8624

3RD PLACE: La De Da (tie)
1960 Bird St.; 533-2100

Health-care Provider

1ST PLACE: Oroville Hospital
2767 Olive Highway; 533-8500

Oroville Hospital’s motto is “Friends Serving Neighbors,” and the staff takes it seriously. The hospital’s health-care professionals are committed to providing the finest medical care in a friendly and compassionate environment. Founded in 1962, the hospital has grown from a modest community hospital supported by a small staff of dedicated doctors into a 153-bed acute-care facility specializing in a broad range of inpatient and outpatient services with a medical staff of more than 130 physicians.

2ND PLACE: Dr. Sultan Chopan
2809 Olive Highway; 533-6670

3RD PLACE: Dr. Karl Johansson
2809 Olive Highway; 533-8500

Local Olive Oil

1ST PLACE: Lodestar Farms California Olive Oil
3719 Foothill Blvd.; 534-6548

Oroville’s history with olives is as old as the city itself. Today, with more than half a dozen olive-oil producers, the Oroville area is developing a reputation as one of the premier olive oil-producing regions in the world. Lodestar continues Oroville’s 100-year history of producing a traditional California olive oil pressed from Mission olives, the signature olive of California since 1775.

2ND PLACE: Chaffin Family Orchards

3RD PLACE: Butte View Olive Oil (tie)

3RD PLACE: Kalamata Queen Olive Oil (tie)


1ST PLACE: Gold Country Casino
4020 Olive Highway; (800) 334-9400

2ND PLACE: Feather Falls Casino
3 Alverda Drive; 533-3885

Salon/Day Spa

1ST PLACE: 2110 Salon & Spa
2110 Montgomery St.; 532-0277

Looking for a taste of the good life in Oroville? How about the premium Deluxe Taste package at 2110 Salon & Spa? Your pampering will include a hot stone full-body massage, European facial, pedicure, manicure, shampoo/condition/style, makeup, plus lunch and champagne. Owner Debbie Reynolds has created an oasis where her customers can get a wide array of salon and spa services from a friendly and caring staff. Located in a beautiful building in historic downtown Oroville, 2110 also sells hair-care supplies and beauty products.

2ND PLACE: Blessings Face & Body Boutique
845 Montgomery St.; 533-5100

3RD PLACE: Full Circle Salon Spa (tie)
3440 Orange Ave.; 533-9335

3RD PLACE: Sisters (tie)
1561 Myers St.; 534-8841

3RD PLACE: Special E F X Total Body Studio (tie)
1925 Montgomery St.; 533-8643

Local Charitable Cause

1ST PLACE: Axiom
2130 Montgomery St.; 533-8010

If it’s true that our kids are our future, then it’s no wonder The Axiom was voted Best Local Charitable Cause. Supported by donations and run primarily by volunteers, this youth center opened its doors in 2007, offering a safe place for high-school and junior-high students to hang out and be themselves. Open Tuesday through Friday, 3 to 9 p.m., The Axiom has a café, pool tables, foosball tables, video games and spots to do homework or just lounge around.

2ND PLACE: Oroville YMCA
1684 Robinson St.; 533-9622

3RD PLACE: The Hope Center
6120 Lincoln Blvd.; 538-8398

Steve Jernigan

CN&R file photo

Public Servant

1ST PLACE: Steve Jernigan
Steve Jernigan became mayor of Oroville in 2006, but his community involvement and public service began long ago. Born and raised in Oroville, Jernigan has worn many hats and devoted countless hours to helping make Oroville a great place to live and work. Jernigan has a positive attitude and has worked to build bridges and mend fences. He stresses the importance of cooperation among individuals and agencies in moving Oroville forward. It seems Oroville’s CN&R readers are behind him.

2ND PLACE: Kirk Trostle

3RD PLACE: Bill Connelly

Community Volunteer

1ST PLACE: Al Stiefel
Al Stiefel has been an active member of Oroville’s 4-H Club for 30 years, serving on the organization’s council, leading clubs and projects and mentoring the community’s youth. Stiefel’s volunteerism doesn’t stop at his passion for pigs, though. He’s also been known to speak up at a City Council meeting or sign up for county committees, and he’s dedicated himself to working with children with special-education needs. All these piled onto one résumé make it obvious why Orovillians voted him Best Community Volunteer.

2ND PLACE: Larry Hayden (tie)

2ND PLACE: David Glover (tie)