Beer meets candy at Joy Lyn’s

Pam and Bill Hartley

Photo by Jordonna Lobese

Having just reopened for the season on Saturday (Oct. 1), Joy Lyn’s Candies in Paradise is busy preparing goodies for the holidays, which are quickly approaching. Pam and Bill Hartley, owners of the business since 2000, have a passion for sweets that they enjoy sharing with the community. In 2006, they founded the Paradise Chocolate Fest. And several years ago, they created a partnership with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and concocted several delicious confections infused with the brewery’s Pale Ale and Stout beers. The former is featured in the ever-popular Beer Brittle, which comes in regular, chocolate-crunch and jalapeño flavors. The Hop Salt Stout Caramels are made by cooking Sierra Nevada Stout beer into the caramel and lightly sprinkling it with hop salt that is also made at the brewery. This past summer, Joy Lyn’s took home the Retail Confectioners International (RCI) award for Best New Packaging with its newly designed labels for the Beer Brittle candies. In addition to chocolates and beer brittle, Joy Lyn’s also specializes in caramel apples, pumpkin pie truffles and freshly made seasonal candies. Bill recently sat down with the CN&R to talk about the business. Find Joy Lyn’s at 1183 Bille Road, 872-9167, or

What motivates you?

Pride in owning a business, manufacturing the highest quality of candy, and we get to put our candy next to confectioners’ from all across the state at the confectioners conference. We are involved in the community by giving support with donations, and in 2006, we founded the Chocolate Fest, which now benefits a multitude of youth organizations in Paradise. It is now a nonprofit entity.

What skills do you bring to the business?

We are all creative in our own way with the ideas, packaging, merchandising and developing. I am the public relations expert, and Pam brings the administrative end to it.

What’s your best advice for running a business?

Be passionate and live within a budget. Don’t grow too fast too soon. Don’t overextend yourself.

What have been your biggest successes?

Our Beer Brittle association with Sierra Nevada, and joining RCI, where we’ve won awards and come up with new ideas.

What is your best-selling item? What are your personal favorites?

One-pound assorted chocolates [are the best-sellers]. Our favorites are the Hop Salt Stout Caramels and chocolate butter creams. Since owning it, we’ve tweaked everything, and wouldn’t do anything differently. We grew at a slow pace and managed to keep our quality.

Ever have any critics?

Yes, a few. We keep open, honest communication and reach out. We listen and let them talk.