She bought a bar

Jennifer White

Photo by Jordonna Lobese

Kings Tavern has been called the “Best little bar in Paradise,” sort of a like a Cheers on the Ridge. Jennifer White, a Paradise resident, mother of three and former employee turned owner has taken over the reins of the Clark Road establishment. Currently under renovation, which is planned to be completed by December. Kings Tavern is home to a colorful cast of characters and showcases local bands and entertainment. White says she’s in the process of “cleaning house”—adding new carpeting, a fresh coat of paint, refinishing the restrooms and cleaning up the parking lot and building façade. Inside, she plans to move the bar and make a bigger dance floor. She’s hoping to maintain her regular clientele of Sams, Norms and Cliffs while also attracting younger bargoers—former regulars at The Canteena, which closed earlier this year. She wants to make this a “neighborhood bar, not a dive bar—with a little couth,” and is seeking all types of entertainment to fill her stage. About the name? Well, she’s contemplating having a contest to see who can come up with one that fits the bill; but at the same time, she says, the choice is kind of personal. The bar is open, so stop in to check out the changes at 5771 Clark Road.

Aside from bartending, what other business experience have you had that you’ll bring to owning a bar?

My ex and I owned a heating/air business; I did cooking, cleaning—I do it all.

How do you keep yourself grounded?

I keep a journal and write down three to four positive things daily, keeping positive thoughts, which I forget some days.

What made you decide to buy the business?

I was approached by Wayne Stout, the former owner. I want this bar. I took a year and thought about the commitment. I want people to have somewhere to go, have events, and dancing. I love business; I love what I do.

Do you have a favorite motto or saying?

“If there’s will, there’s a way.”

What kinds of entertainment will you offer—what’s your favorite genre of music?

Not just local bands—out-of-area bands and new bands. I love all kinds of music—country, blues, jazz. I’m looking to meet the needs of everybody.

How did you adjust from employee to boss?

People are used to you one way instead of the other way when you buy a business where you worked. If I’m good to my employees, they’ll be good to me. We need to be a team.