There is an air of defiance, hope and exploration, and of living above a din of chaos, on Bedouine’s self-titled debut. The project, lead by vocalist/songwriter Azniv Korkejian, swims in warm waters of ethereal bliss, and is disguised as some kind of lost 1960s folk LP with Korkejian’s singular lyrical phrasing distancing itself even from the thoughtful songwriting exhibited on the album. Busy bass work, tender acoustic finger-plucking, and muffled drums give the illusion of a psych-folk torchbearer or a Burt Bacharach-worshipping hipster. However, songs as uplifting as opener “Nice and Quiet,” and album standout “One Of These Days” point to Korkejian’s abilities to transform expectations quickly and with seeming ease. Born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, Korkejian carries a worldly musical passport, folding strings, woodwinds and pianos into the misty haze of her intoxicating vocals. Bedouine is a captivating, leveling sort of record that is probably among the best to be released in 2017.