Ask the StoryBots

Do you know why the sky is blue? Parents and children alike will want to binge on Netflix’s new edutainment series, Ask the StoryBots. Each of the six episodes begins with a child’s question: How does night happen? Where do french fries come from? The StoryBots dive deep into the natural world, research well-rounded answers and report back to toddlers through contemporary music, humor and repetition. In its second media evolution—beginning as an app and progressing through YouTube to Netflix—Ask the StoryBots uses mixed media throughout its vignettes in a style reminiscent of The Amazing World of Gumball. However, the animation and humor draw on everything from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and The Muppet Show to classic comedy routines and Schoolhouse Rock! The pacing is fast—compared to early Sesame Street, it’s a whirlwind—and the more frantic segments reveal inspirations from Internet culture and animated gifs. However, look deep into the chaos of silly songs and slapstick and even parents may learn a thing or two. StoryBots, when are you getting new episodes?