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Plants at the drive-in—the porn drive-in.

Plants at the drive-in—the porn drive-in.

No porn for you
What kind of artist is Jonathan Keats? Well, he’s one of those guys who copyrights his own mind© and then sells shares in its future. You know, one of those creative types whose artwork includes things like genetically engineering God in a lab with UC Berkeley scientists, or messing with bees by making them dance (which he did last spring at Chico State’s University Farm). Sound familiar? More important, does it sound like art? In introducing his latest project—Cinema Botanica , currently showing at the 1078 Gallery—the S.F.-based Keats avoids the question altogether by arguing that we humans have too much art to choose from as it is. The conceptual mischief maker has turned his energy toward the plant world. So, it’s up to a floor full of potted begonias basking in projections of silhouetted pollination to decide if they’re “gettin’ any” (art that is).

Are you human enough for art (and more plants)?
Arts DEVOté may be only human, but he is stoked by the art at the University Art Gallery. Vietnamese-born Binh Danh has invented a technique for using the sun to print found photographs onto the surface of leaves (“chlorophyll prints” as he calls them). See ghostly images from Vietnam’s past in Jungle of Memories —through Sept. 27.

Binh Danh’s “Found Portrait”

Artoberfestiveness …
Chico’s month-long Artoberfest celebration is set to pop. Opening ceremonies are happening for 12 hours Saturday, Sept. 29, in the City Plaza, starting with a hip-hop dance performance by Chico Creek Dance Theatre at 10 a.m., and ending with a brief performance by the Chris Schadt Band at 9:30 p.m., followed by a closing routine of fire dancing. In between will be presentations by nearly every music, theater and art provider in the area, plus the Mayor’s Art Awards (11:30 a.m.), Chico Palio (noon) and Annie’s Arts Awards (8 p.m.). Check and for more info.

Bi-Weekly Devotions

• The Turner on display: The six-part Janet Turner Print Museum series at Chico Museum continues. On the walls Sept. 26-Oct. 28 is Grand Masters: Art History on the Walls .

• Pastels on the Plaza: The doodlers line up alongside the pros to decorate the sidewalk squares around the City Plaza, Sat., Sept. 22, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Tristeza : New at the Crux Artist Collective, Justin Maxwell’s poster art, murals and a DVD featurette. Opening reception (with live DJ) Fri., Sept. 21, 7-11 p.m.