Arts DEVOté

Chico State’s School of the Arts is on the ball this summer! Arts DEVOté has just received the schedule for the upcoming school year. 2007-08 kicks off with the Early Music Series and program of “Ye Olde English Musicke,” and continues with all of the university’s student- and faculty-produced/curated theater, visual arts, lectures and concerts for the school year. In addition to the classics—Bach Fest, Mozart Mile, spring musical (Chicago)—a few highlights include the North State Symphony’s season-opening Maestro’s Favorites program (Sept. 15), the Marcel Duchamp print exhibit at the Janet Turner Museum (March 12-April 27), and the theater department’s production of ancient Greek tragedy The Bacchae (March 5-9, 2008). Visit Chico State’s online arts calendar for more info:

The Gold Nugget Museum has a new museum. On Sat., July 28, beginning at noon, the new Paradise Depot Museum will be unveiled. The museum is a tribute to the area’s railroad and logging history, and its centerpiece is a 30-foot long, scale model of the Barber-Paradise-Magalia-Sterling City line of the railroad in action.

The deadline for Chico State’s Chico Performances adopt-a-class program is July 27, so teachers and administrators who want to have your students wowed by acrobats from Peking or fiddlers from Scotland and Ireland (and France!), it’s time to gently remind your local businesses or rich parents not to let the kids down. .

A.D. and wife had a rad time touring the halls and monuments of democracy in our nation’s capital, even if the strolling conditions included 95-degree temperatures and over-80 percent humidity! The highlight (other than visiting Rep. Wally Herger’s office!) was the charming Renwick Gallery of American crafts tucked behind the White House. Furniture-maker Wendell Castle’s “Ghost Clock” was beyond awesome! At first glance, it looks like a giant mahogany grandfather clock covered with a white sheet, and that’s what it is. Except, the sheet isn’t made of cotton, it’s also mahogany, painted white and so realistic that the sheet looks as if it would be soft to the touch. .

The real real O.C.: Last November, A.D.’s beloved mother-in-law passed away, and as you read this A.D. and family will be returning from her childhood home, the impossibly pristine and refreshingly chill Laguna Beach. All were gathered to honor mom by spreading her ashes at her favorite beach spot, Divers Cove. A.D. has known few humans who were as loving, generous and devoted to family. Thank you for everything, Diane. You are missed by many.