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Step off—it’s mine!

Step off—it’s mine!

Craig’s Gallery
Question: Is there a way to buy the work of local artists without having to actually walk, bike or drive away from the comfort of your comfy home? Arts DEVOté says, yes! The Interweb strikes again with everyone’s favorite no-nonsense online flea market, Craigslist. Filed under the For Sale section is a little category called “Arts + Crafts” where you can find everything from an electric eraser ($25) to “a beauty picture designed and made of sea shells completely” ($250), so A.D. calls dibs on that “pretty pregnat [sic] lady painting” for $1,000.

Dan is my man
There will always be a place in A.D.’s column for his old friend, Chico/Los Molinos sculptor Dan Corbin. This week A.D. is happy to give props to D.C. for his continued success showing (and selling!) his body sculptures all over the West, including his current stint in a two-person show at the William Merrill Gallery in Laguna Beach.

Chico arts community calling …
You like the art. The art likes you. It’s time y’all got together.

Chico Art Center: Classes in drawing, painting, pottery, comic book art and much more. Register Sept. 12-15, noon-4 p.m. Call for info, 895-8726.

Dan Corbin is on a roll.

• The Annies: Friends of the Arts is keeping The Annie’s Arts Awards alive during the city’s Artoberfest celebration, and you (yes, you) can nominate your favorites in local art, theater, music, etc. through the middle of September. Go to and fill out a ballot.

• Art donations: From Betty Burnz at Rogue Theatre: “Rogue will be holding an art show fundraiser on Fri., Sept. 14, at the 1078 Gallery. And we are looking for any and all artists who might be interested in donating a piece of art, be it painting, sculpture, photography, whatever, please contact” Deadline: Sept. 10.

• CommonPath: Chico’s online artisan directory and resource is there for you: “CommonPath is dedicated to the support and elevation of the Chico artisan community.” Go to:

• CN&R online art calendar: Have a show, a showing or just want to show off? Go to and see how easy it is to get your listings online immediately. For instant gratification—go now!

Bi-weekly devotions (more bullets!)

• Art Selection Panel: Selection of final proposal by artist Cal Ling for Forest Avenue Median art project panel, Mon., Sept. 10, 5:30 p.m. Conference Room 1 in the City Council Building, 421 Main Street.

Arts Commission Meeting: Wed., Sept. 12, 7 p.m. Conference Room 1 in the City Council Building, 421 Main Street.

• Theater explosion! September is the month for community theater. Chico Theater Company (Another Night at the Sands ) and Chico Cabaret (Reefer Madness ) are already under way, and this week the Blue Room (Doubt ) and Theatre on the Ridge in Paradise (Spoon River Anthology ) start up, followed by the new Rogue Theatre (Pillowman ) at 1078 Gallery beginning Sept. 20.