Best photos from 2012, and a few goodbyes

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On foot in each year The election is over. The End of Days passed us by. The Jersey Shore has been canceled. Post-2012 life is pretty sweet (although 2012 was pretty sweet, too, for Art and Mrs. DEVO). Just a little more housekeeping to take care of before Arts DEVO starts workin’ on 2013. First up, the traditional round-up of AD’s fave images from the arts section in 2012, followed by some overflow from last week’s year-end round-up. Also, visit Arts DEVO on Facebook and download his Best of 2012 Mix. Will his favorite song be the sassy “Bad Thing,” by King Tuff? The head-banging primitive noise of “You’re a Dog,” by Girl Band? Or … will “Gangnam Style” continue rotting our brains with its sweet torture?

More from 2012:

New in 2012: MÁNÁS Art Space, California Regional Theater, Southside Playhouse, 100th Monkey Bookstore, Energy Plant Arts, Habitat Lab.

Gone in 2012: Bustolini’s Deli, Birds of Fire, La Fin du Monde, Ray Ray Gallery, retiring Chico Performances Director Dan DeWayne, Last Stand Comedy Venue, Babylon Community Arts Center. (And the Synthesis?)

Rest in peace

• Paul Harper: Chico musician/ band leader—History Invades, Soft Crest, Christian Lady Killers.

• Janice Porter: Artist, teacher and children’s-book illustrator.

• Lois Cohen: Prolific Paradise artist and vigilant plein-air painter.

• Michael Davis: Bassist for MC5 (who had relocated to Chico).

• Quentin Colgan: Larger-than-life actor, activist, City Council candidate and blogger.

• Brad Moniz: Chico theater pioneer.

• Mercedes “Midge” Frontera Gilbert: Old-school theater director/teacher.