Cow guts and tasty beer

Arts DEVO’s toe: real footage.

Arts DEVO’s toe: real footage.

I shouldn’t have eaten those cow guts Don’t get gout, kids. See that picture there, with that demon thingy poking its many spikes through Arts DEVO’s big toe? Study it closely and never forget. I certainly won’t forget having to remove my right shoe in order to avoid crying while typing words at my computer. While I am still figuring out the origins of my new painful and evil friend (some combo of out-of-whack acid/alkaline balance in my diet and an ill-advised detour down a dark and smelly back ally for a knife fight with some purine-rich offal), I have already discovered its Kryptonite: baking soda. That’s right, just plain ol’ baking soda dissolved in a glass of water, and literally overnight nearly all my pain went away. And one day later so did the swelling. (Thank you, CN&R contributor Ken Smith for the tip, and thank you Internet for backing it up with the air-tight science of anonymous testimonies.)

Can the Torpedoes, full flavor ahead! It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all the news and innovations coming out of our beloved Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Here are three fresh pours for your tasting pleasure:

Ruthless Rye IPA: Christmas comes early.

First, live music in the pub is back! Approximately a year and a half after discontinuing the 20-year Party in the Pub series, the “small room” stage will once again be amplified when the local rock/alt-country quartet the Perpetual Drifters rock the Taproom at the Ruthless Rye IPA release party Tuesday, Dec. 20, at 5 p.m. (music 8-10 p.m.)

Next, some time in early 2012, the beer that made the brewery famous is going to be … sold in cans! That’s right, according to Sierra Nevada’s communications coordinator Bill Manley, the classic Pale Ale will soon be sold in 12 packs of 12-oz. cans. In addition, the popular Torpedo IPA will come in 16-oz. four-packs. The cans won’t be replacing bottles; they’ll just be a lighter and completely recyclable addition to the brewery’s roster, one that is a more suitable choice for your next camping, fishing or backpacking adventure.

Last, an update on Sierra Nevada’s plans to open a second brewery on the East Coast: With its national (and international) sales continuing to grow, the brewery has been looking to add a second site to keep up with demand and to reduce the environmental impact of shipping beer across the country. According to a recent article in the online version of North Carolina’s Hendersonville Times-News (www.blueridgenow. com), the brewery might be headed to the town of Mills River, N.C. No decision has been made, but in the article, assistant brewmaster Terence Sullivan said that the Ashville area is on the short list. The article goes on to say that Sullivan told the paper that “the Knoxville, Tenn., area was recently eliminated from consideration for Sierra Nevada’s expansion, and that it’s down to Western North Carolina, Virginia and a ‘few other places east of the Mississippi.’”

Manley confirmed the story and said that “hopefully sometime in early 2012” Sierra Nevada will be able to make an official announcement.

Sign of teh times.

Double fist pump! Coming the day after Christmas to Duffy’s Tavern for the annual Dr. Becky Sagers Ph.D.-hosted Chico Legends Showcase: a reunion of peerless Chico trio Deathstar! Those who know already know what a big deal this is. Those who don’t, trust DEVO, break up with your current favorite band, and go witness.

Totally [sic]: Check out teh drive trhu sign at the new CVS pahrmacy on the conrer of Highway 32 and Forest Aveneu.