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Dragonboy and daughter make art and Daran Goodsell retires from Chico Performances

“Neko Azul,” by Uma and Dragonboy

“Neko Azul,” by Uma and Dragonboy

Dragonboy and girl Need a break from the stress of life on the 24-hour horrific-news cycle? Unplug, disengage your weary spirit from the feedback loop, and visit UMA & The Dragon, the new exhibit on the walls at Naked Lounge in downtown Chico.

The show is a collaboration between longtime Chico arts maniac David “Dragonboy” Sutherland and his 2-year-old daughter, Uma Misha, and for Arts DEVO it was just the right amount of both fun and cute. It’s the perfect excuse to step away from all screens and see a different reflection of the world. In this case, that of a father with an open artistic mind bringing his kid along for the creative ride. Every material is fair game—with oddball creatures coming to life in both 2- and 3-D pieces created separately and together.

The show is up through the end of August, and there will be a reception Aug. 28, 6-8 p.m.

Daran Goodsell

Media alert For immediate release: Daran Goodsell has left the building. After 23 years as director of marketing for Chico State’s Chico Performances, Goodsell has retired. According to a university press release, her replacement will be Rachel Simmons, who is moving to the University Public Engagement/Chico Performances office (starting Aug. 19) from Chico State’s College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management, where she did events planning and public relations.

Naturally, in my role here at the CN&R, I’ve had many interactions with Goodsell over the past 16 years. (She actually used to work at this paper—in promotions and sales—before her Chico State days.) Not only has she been the most together promoter in town during my time here (I use her press releases as examples for other publicists), she’s also been a tireless arts advocate, and I’ve always been impressed with the energy she put forth in many facets of marketing and presenting the events of Chico Performances. I’m going to miss that passion and encountering her gregarious personality on a regular basis.

But she’s still in town, and both she and husband Dan Goodsell (also recently retired from his job as production manager for Chico Performances) will no doubt return to Laxson Auditorium from time to time. From now on, of course, in the much less stressful capacity of audience members.

Best of luck in your future adventures, my friend!

RIP Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison: Feb. 18, 1931-Aug. 5, 2019

“I laughed but before I could agree with the hairdressers that she was crazy, she said, 'What's the world for if you can't make it up the way you want it?'

“‘The way I want it?’

“‘Yeah. The way you want it. Don’t you want it to be something more than what it is?’

“‘What’s the point? I can’t change it.’

“‘That’s the point. If you don’t, it will change you and it’ll be your fault cause you let it. …”

—Toni Morrison, Jazz