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Chico music, man on the moon and Maverick in Butte County?

Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream

Chico Music Television Those dance-happy fun-makers of Chico newcomers Astronaut Ice Cream have hit the ground running. To coincide with last week’s debut-CD-release party at the 1078 Gallery, the electro-pop duo also dropped a video for their first single, “Want.” It’s an appropriately colorful romp (directed by local actor/photographer Joey Moshiri) that matches the fun energy of the infectious track. Find it at

And speaking of local-band videos, Arts DEVO is late in sharing that dreamy pop-rock crew The Empty Gate recently released one as well, for its song “Hold on Forever.” Created by the band’s bassist, Mark Zempel, it’s a trippy collage to match the band’s trippy style. Witness:

Lounge music Word on the street is that rocker-about-town Jake Sprecher has joined forces with the Naked Lounge to reinstate its live-music program, and one look at its calendar confirms that the hip downtown spot will once again be much louder in the evenings. Upcoming shows include a Chico Pride benefit with Black Magnet and Scout on Friday (July 19), New York singer/songwriter Ryan Martin on July 27, and a Chico Area Punks joint (with some noise from Montana and the local punkers of Mr. Bang) on July 31.

These guys!

Landing party For the entire second half of 2019, the Gateway Science Museum is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon with its Before and Beyond the Moon exhibit, and this Saturday (July 20), the museum is marking the date Apollo 11 touched down with a Landing Party. For the price of regular admission ($7/adults; $5/kids 3-plus), you and your kids can take part in “rocket launches, robot and rover explorations, K’nex and LEGO challenges, ice orbs, sundials and more.”

Jump jump to the rhythm! Rolling Hills Casino is hosting what could be the party of the summer at its new outdoor amphitheater. The ’90s House Party tour rolls into Corning Aug. 11, with a stacked bill of two- and three-hit wonders: Vanilla Ice, Ton Loc, C+C Music Factory and All-4-One. (Now, how do we get Hammer’s House Party—currently on tour with MC Hammer, En Vogue, Coolio, Biz Markie, among others—to come to town as well?)

“Talk to me, Goose’s son” There’ve been a bunch of birdies (flying through the air at around Mach 2) singing something about Butte County being on the highway to the danger zone in the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick (with Tom Cruise’s character now a middle-aged flight instructor at Top Gun, where he trains his old partner’s son).

The folks at Northgate Aviation at the Chico Airport wouldn’t comment on the mysterious jets that have been seen coming and going from their facility, but pictures from inside the hangar showing jets and helicopters with giant cameras mounted to the outside and vans and trucks with logos for Cinejet and Helinet (“aerial production experts”) have made it to Facebook. After some online flight-tracking snooping, I found an Aero L-39 Albatross with a week’s worth of flight paths that have zigged and zagged all over the county—up and down Feather River Canyon and over upper Magalia, Berry Creek, Belden and even up to Butt Mountain. The planes reportedly left the area on Sunday or Monday.

Even though it’s obvious some flying and filming happened, whether it’s Top Gun or not is just a rumor still. We’ll have to wait and see if anything familiar streaks by on the big screen as Goose Jr. barrel rolls into theaters next summer.