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I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.—Agent Dale Cooper

Catching the big fish There is almost nothing that I am more excited about in 2017 than David Lynch’s reboot of his TV series Twin Peaks coming to Showtime starting on May 17. As longtime readers of this column know, Lynch is one of my creative heroes and I’m all-in for any film, painting, drawing, music or TV he puts out, whether it be wonderful and strange (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart) or just plain weird (most everything else). Falling in the latter category is Playing Lynch, a series of short vignettes by photographer/filmmaker Sandro, starring John Malkovich playing various iconic characters from Lynch’s ouevre. The series is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation and has Malkovich impressively transforming into, among others, The Log Lady from Twin Peaks, the Elephant Man, the Lady in the Radiator from Eraserhead (which happens to be playing this weekend at The Pageant Theatre) and even Lynch himself. Watch them all at

Music pick of the week (year?): Tashi Dorji, experimental guitarist from Asheville, N.C. (via Bhutan), performs a solo set alongside power-packed lineup of local duos: endlessly looping schizoid rockers The Americas, disco-punks XDS, and heavy heshers Panther Surprise. Feb. 14, at 1078 Gallery.

Bandcamp pick of the month: Shabby Car, Through. Arts DEVO BFFF Red Bluff Phil (aka Phil Anker) lives in Humboldt now, and he just released this amazing solo recording that befits his new lush, rainy environs, a collection of moody, sweet indie rock/synth pop songs that is beautiful and inspiring. I’m just starting to sink my teeth into it, and you should, too. Buy it for only $4 at

WTF, Kiser? One-time Chico punk rocker/music writer Matt Kiser (now in Seattle) has created a sweet, no-nonsense, online home for “logging the daily shock and awe” of Trump’s presidency: The setup: Each day is posted with its overriding theme (e.g., “Day 3: Alternative Facts”) followed by a numbered and sourced list of WTF went down that day. It’s such a simple and logical approach to keeping tabs on the state of the country. Nice work, Matt! Updates also on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for the email list.

‘It’s just drawing’ Local fount of fun arts projects Max Infeld is producing a new show that’s being filmed at our local community-access television station, BCACTV, called The Drawing Show. And, just as he explained, “it’s just drawing,” live each Tuesday, 4-7 p.m., on the station’s YouTube channel. I watched some of the first episode this week as anonymous hands, young and old, penned drawings, fiddled with smartphones and ate dinner (chicken and waffles!) while a kick-ass soundtrack played over the top. Strangely mesmerizing. Visit for info and links.