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The Cult of JT LeRoy

The Cult of JT LeRoy

Feels It’s been a taxing week for us emotional meatbags. Arts DEVO is exhausted by it all. As I process what it means to live in a country with the divisive Donald Trump as its leader, I am buoyed by the woke masses and the powerful energy of the millions of women who marched in protest of the president and in solidarity with those whose civil rights are threatened.

I am the only brother of four sisters, a classic mama’s boy who was formed by a team of aunts and grandmas and one mighty, tireless mom. Lots of love and validation. That’s the way forward—coming together instead of creating division, pulling close instead of pushing away. If we can add empathy for the disenfranchised, working-class conservatives who voted for Trump, give value to their plights and some validation to their place as brothers and sisters in this wonderful, crazy, mess of a country, we can unify and pull away from those who manipulate and divide.

Replication Machine

Life’s rich Pageant A new year, and a new slate of extra treats at Chico’s little art house. First, this Saturday, Jan. 28, at 3 p.m., the Pageant Theatre will present a one-time showing of The Cult of JT LeRoy, the documentary about the intriguing literary scam perpetrated by Laura Albert. Albert wrote from the POV of the abused/neglected son of a lot lizard under the JT LeRoy moniker (in 2000’s Sarah), and even hired her sister-in-law to play the part of the “author” in real life, complete with a backstory of teen prostitution and heroin addiction. Eventually, the ruse was discovered, but not before two more books and a few years of notorious celebrity for the enigmatic LeRoy. Director Marjorie Sturm will be on hand to answer questions after the screening.

And starting next month, the Pageant is rolling out a new repertory series, featuring one or two classic films each weekend, and a print calendar previewing each month’s selections. February kicks off with 2001: A Space Odyssey (Feb. 5), followed by Eraserhead (Feb. 11), Harold and Maude (Feb. 12), The Seventh Seal (Feb. 19), The Holy Mountain (Feb. 25) and Bicycle Thieves (Feb. 26).

Jam on it Chico Comics Jam? Sounds pretty rad to me. Especially since the monthly get together at ABC Books (950 Mangrove Ave.) is open to all ages and all skill levels and supplies are provided (though you are welcome to bring extras). The intent is to get people together “to make and learn to create comics,” and all writers, artists and storytellers “who can hold a pen” are welcome. Saturday, Jan. 28, 1-4 p.m.

In the future, art will be cloned Just got word from artist, font wizard and all around sweet dude Max Infeld that he and some of his fellow art pranksters are bringing back the Replication Machine. What’s the Replication Machine? It’s a machine that will be posted up at the Chico Art Center in which a member of the public will place an item to be replicated. An artist from the team will then retrieve the object, create an original piece of art—a replication—and give it to the member of the public. That’s it. No cost. Free art! Infeld was part of the Chico State Art Club that did the same project at the school in 2007, creating more than 100 “copies” and documenting the process with Polaroids. Chico Art Center will replicate the Replication Machine during the month of March, starting March 3.