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Chico is scary as hell this Halloween

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A soalin’ As daylight saving time winds down and the rainclouds roll in, there’s a darkness descending on the streets of Chico. It’s not a woman-parading-around-with-a-human-skull-on-a-stick kind of darkness (damn, Sacramento, what in the actual hell?!), but with Halloween approaching, Arts DEVO’s noticed that his bike ride to work is becoming a whole lot creepier. If you’re quiet and listen closely, you can hear children singing:

Soul, a soul, a soul cake; please good missus, a soul cake

Open Studios Art Tour The weather last weekend was perfect for visiting local artists’ studios and galleries, and I was super bummed that my schedule didn’t allow for any art-walkin’ at all. Thankfully, Chico Art Center has organized a second weekend of the annual event, and Mrs. DEVO and I will be having an arts date thanks to a gift of two OSAT programs and a Great Northern Coffee gift certificate that two art angels dropped off at the CN&R.