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Dolly Deadly

Dolly Deadly

Killin’ it In a horror flick, bullying the little boy who plays with dolls doesn’t turn out too well for the abusers—whether they’re of the nasty schoolyard variety or the cruel and drunk adults around the dinner table. And in Dolly Deadly, a new psychological horror flick by local filmmaker Heidi Moore, when young Benji (played by Moore’s son Justin) snaps, he takes a cue from his inanimate friends and dolls himself up for a little dead-eyed revenge. And judging from the trailer, things get pretty damn gruesome, as they should in a grindhouse-style horror film. Moore’s flick is making the art-house/film-fest rounds and will stop in Chico at the Pageant Theatre this Saturday, Oct. 15, at 11 p.m.

Moore lived in Chico a few years ago, but moved back to her hometown of Chester to save on living costs while she spent the last three years making Dolly Deadly, which features a handful of locals in the crew/cast, including filmmaker Josh Funk (editing, animation), musician/engineer Dale Price (sound editing), and even a cameo by local spooky rockers Skin Peaks. Moore will be on hand at the Pageant to introduce the film.

Cousin Cephus Improv Project

Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Join the chorus In a program that travels around the country to promote tolerance, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles caps off a week of It Gets Better workshops in each city it visits with a musical-theater performance that brings to life the stories of members of the LGBTQ community and their allies. Chico Performances hosts the It Gets Better tour Friday, Oct. 14, at Laxson Auditorium, where eight actors will present real-life stories using musical numbers, video-production elements and even collaboration with local artists.

The setup: You’re at Arby’s, Donald Trump sits down at the next table, you have a squeeze bottle filled with Horsey Sauce in each hand. And … act!

This Sunday, Oct. 16, at the Chico Women’s Club, will be the debut of a new local comedy troupe, the Cousin Cephus Improv Project, featuring a collection of local comedians—Annie Fischer, Chaz Kelley, Drew McGillicuddy, Eve Hamilton, Nick Stiles and Jason Allen—who dig making it up as they go along. Things get underway at 7 p.m. for what promises to be a “mature audiences” affair featuring various improv games, audience participation and other shenanigans. Also, beer for sale (benefiting the Women’s Club’s scholarship fund).

True blue Shame, boatloads of shame/Day after day, more of the same/Blame, please lift it off/Please take it off, please make it stop.

Though they sing it well, The Avett Brothers certainly haven’t cornered the market on feeling like shit in front of others. If we’re telling the truth, each of us has at least one doozy of a shame story we could tell. This Saturday, Oct. 15, at 10 p.m., at the Blue Room Theatre, a lineup of local writers and performers will be doing just that, baring their souls for “a night of honest, raw and sometimes hilarious true stories.” Readers for Blue Stories: Shame will include Hilary Tellesen, Evan Schuman, Evin Wolverton, Arielle Mae, Blake Ellis, Joey Haney, Marta Shaffer, Rob Davidson, Suzanne Papini and Steve Swim. Tix are $5, the bar will be open, and the shame will roll in.