Merry Thanksgiving

Good for you, liberals.

Good for you, liberals.

Smug alert On the car radio last week, NPR was reading some listener mail in response to a report the previous day on the backlash after the most recent episode of Dancing With the Stars (pop star Brandy was voted off, while Bristol Palin got to stay): “Sandra Brillhart of South Hampton, New Jersey, writes, ‘I fail to see how reporting of the surprise results of the previous night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars merits coverage on your, or any, serious news program.’”

I know, right? Who cares what the commoners are interested in. If we don’t find it newsworthy, then our news source should not report on it.

Give me a break! In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis.”

That kind of repressive mindset—one repeated in subsequent letters and splattered across my Facebook walls (sorry, friends) as well—sounds similar to that of the followers of another news outlet, one that rhymes with “cocks.” Face it, knee-jerk liberals, you can be as re-dick-ulous as nut-job conservatives. Well, at the very least I’m equally annoyed by the both of you.

Re + bus = When I was a kid, I was always trying to get my dad and my uncles to buy Lucky Lager in the bottle so that I could try to figure out the picture puzzles (or rebus—Latin for “by things”—puzzles). So, imagine my elation when I came across this dude’s website and its massive collection of puzzle beer caps from Lucky, Rainier and other Falstaff Brewing Co.-owned brands:

It’s a great nostalgic time-waster, and it’s inspired Arts DEVO to try a little rebussing of his own, in honor of Thanksgiving week: