OMG, is there an echo in here? There’s a new art walk in Chico? Who knew? Not Arts DEVO. Maybe it was a misprint.

I like local art, so I’ll refrain from being too much of a bastard with the hope that the art makers take control of what’s theirs and actually create fun events and don’t just put out some cheese and pita chips. Although, I do have to say it’s a little annoying to see another local publication weakly buzzing about “SOPO” and saying ridiculous things like “If you have never walked past the 5th Street post office, now is your opportunity.” Gee, thanks for opening that door.

I do actually like the term SOPO (South of Post Office—get it?), but I’m afraid I am mostly alone. Most people with whom I use the shorthand come back with a variety of their own acronymic responses—STFU, GKY, ETC.

But I write a busy column. I don’t have room for your fancy, long-talking. From now on, I’m gonna refer to Chico neighborhoods by their codenames only. I’ve begun making a list (Thank you concerned readers Josh Graham and Lisa Rhody for your help on a couple of these):

BROMA: Broadway/Main corridor.

NOPOSOCHO: North of Post Office South of KCHO (aka SWEDU—SouthWest of Duffy’s, aka the City Plaza).

NCP: Not California Park—all of Chico west of Bruce Road.

DBC: Douchebag Central: Multiple locations—start at The Zoo apartments and follow your guides.

NFZ: Nap-free Zone: Westside railroad tracks.

It’s rainin’ beer

Brewing tradition That’s what I’m talking about! (Am I still allowed to say that? Is anyone allowed to say that? It’ll be the last time.) The smart folks at Feather Falls Casino’s new Feather Falls Brewing Co. went and done real good a couple weeks ago when they hired Roland Allen as their new brewmaster. A former brewer at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and founder of the excellent Butte Creek Brewing Co., Allen adds the appeal of a local legacy to what appears to be an impressive investment in its new brewery/restaurant/music venue. Taps start flowing Friday, Dec. 10.

Harrison Memorial Arch

In memoriam The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the huge sprocket archways in memory of late Sierra Nevada V.P. Steve Harrison happens Saturday, Nov. 20, 2 p.m., at the intersection of Potter Road and East 20th Street. Constructed by metal artist/toolmaker Jeff Lindsay (of Red Hot Metal) and donated by Harrison’s widow, Linda Zorn, the impressive sculptures act as entry points for the Steve Harrison Memorial Bikeway along Potter Road between East 20th and The Skyway.

Also, on a more recent memorial note, I neglected to share last week that longtime KZFR volunteer John Bilinksy died on Nov. 3 at the age of 59. A passionate supporter of the community radio station, Bilinsky served on the board of directors and was instrumental in the building of its new studio. He was also a commentator on local issues whose letters often made the pages of the CN&R. Donations in his memory can be made to the radio station ( or to Communities for a Better Environment (


New blue crew: The Blue Shadows, a new acoustic band featuring The ShankersJohnny Shanker, local drum legend Steve Bragg on the gut bucket and CN&R master scribe Ken Smith on ukulele, plays a debut show/CD release Friday, Nov. 19, 10 p.m., at the new home of Origami Recording Lounge, at Seventh and Chestnut streets.