A joke and some local photography (no joke)

Photo By max infeld

Always open with a joke

I can’t remember exactly where this started, but many years ago, during some monotonous road trip, some friends and I discovered that any sentence that starts with “I’m” and finishes with the present participle of a verb (-ing) plus an object can be made to sound like a euphemism for masturbating.

A familiar example would be: “I’m punching the clown,” but any sentence following the above construction and said with an appropriately cheeky inflection will suffice—“I’m editing my column.” See! Try it out at all your holiday parties.

0001100art111sh00ow11 With the month of Oktober/Artober/Rocktober behind us, it’s time to gather close and share the warmth of loved ones as we sink deep into fall and the holiday season. Things are cold and wet but still green outside my office window, and inside I have only the glow of my dust-covered Dell monitor to keep me warm. But I am not alone. I am sharing the moment with the extensive and impressive online art galleries of a collection of local photographers:

Max Infeld: art terrorist ( and; Matt Siracusa: photographer for CN&R and Moonshine Cooperative (“Matt Siracusa” on Facebook, and; Josh Mills: Fuzzy-haired bookseller and photographer for the Chikoko fashion/design collective ( and; Kyle Delmar: CN&R photographer and RAYRAY Gallery merry man (

Here’s a preview of what’s in store if you log on and surf the links above (aka Arts DEVO’s Online Photo Journey of Electronic Sunshine):


Photo By Josh Mills


Photo By Kyle Delmar


Photo By Matt Siracusa