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W. Kamau Bell

W. Kamau Bell

DEVOtions: summer-outtake edition It's the middle of summer, things are pretty dead in Chico, and the scribbled notes and unanswered emails are starting to pile up. It's the perfect time for a column of random local bits:

• Street party: Chico Performances is opening ticket sales for the 2015-16 season by hosting a street party Saturday, Aug. 8, 8-11 a.m. So, Third Street in front of the University Box Office will be closed between Salem and Normal streets and there will live music and food provided. Visit to check out the schedule (coming Sept. 9: W. Kamau Bell):

• Cheers to Camelot! A tap takeover at Round Table Pizza? Yes, you read that right. The Almond Orchard shopping center location is now known as the Round Table Clubhouse, and in addition to featuring an expanded menu of pub fare and pasta, they also have several taps of craft beer. And on Thursday, Aug. 13, at 5 p.m., the Clubhouse will be hosting a tap takeover by Sacramento's Track 7 Brewing Co.

• Marta's chapbook: Arts DEVO received Cans of Soup at the office this week, a new book of poetry from local writer Marta Shaffer. I recognized three of the pieces that previously appeared in these pages this past spring as part of our Poetry 99 issue (“Mined” is my favorite), and I am really enjoying the rest of the little personal scenes, especially the more playful ones, like this:

Cans of Soup, by Marta Shaffer

The Hunt

The stage lighting came from below.
The actors looked primal, hellish.
Long, straight, Modernist constellations
lined the aisles to the horizon.
Ushers stood aboriginal in the back,
as if they'd been born to greet such a dawn.

Butcher Shop 2015

The show had not started yet,
but we whispered at each other in the dark,crouched hunters of art.
The bow in my brain is taut.
We feel the monster stir.

• A new look: With the close of its longtime printer, the Paradise Post, the CN&R has had to move to a new printer and a new size (see Second & Flume, page 5). The changes have necessitated some shifting around of features, and in the arts half of the paper the Bulletin Board portion of the calendar has been moved to online-only ( Thankfully, this is the only casualty in the section, and except for the very established regular occurring items (farmers' markets, etc.), the community events that used to appear in that spot will simply move into the regular calendar, where we'll also have more room for art, especially with the Fine Arts listings. So, galleries and artists, please send us plenty of digital examples from your exhibits so that we can highlight all of Chico's wonderful upcoming art. Email and

• Mark your calendars: It's not going to be slow around here forever, of course. In fact, things are about to explode. Aug. 14-16: For the Funk of It festival in Belden; Aug. 29: Chico-Con comic convention (with cosplay!) at Manzanita Place; Sept. 5-6: The Butcher Shop theater festival at The End of Normal.