Two Matts

The Sloth, by Loomis

The Sloth, by Loomis

Goodbye Goodburger I credit his time growing up in the ’ville—that’s the sleepy Nor Cal mountain town of Weaverville—for Matt Loomis’ friendly temperament. The adopted Chicoan, who has made a name for himself in Chico as a graphic designer, DJ, poster/T-shirt artist for bands (mostly metal and rap designs, both local and international) and most notably as one of most friendly and kind dudes in town ever, is moving away. Loomis is heading south this week, to Huntington Beach, to work as a designer for skate/surf/BMX shoe company DC Shoes. I could go on for days about how Chico won’t be the same, and how we’re losing one of the pillars of the downtown community, but what matters more is that a huge talent is getting his art out there, and that his art is going to blow up huge! Plus, I have to leave room for at least a few of his iconic works.

High on Fire, by Loomis

Once you land, the O.C. won’t know what hit it. Kick ass, Matt!

Bonus Matt Hey now. Things’ll be OK, Chico. We still have a friendly DJ and artist named Matt among us. Friend of AD and CN&R photo intern Matt “DJ Maticulit” Siracusa isn’t going anywhere (you’re not, are you, Matt? … Please, tell me you’re staying). And this month at Bustolini’s Deli & Coffeehouse, Siracusa is sharing his art with a showing of photos he took in Italy. The opening reception for Italia Fotografata happens Saturday, Sept. 11, 7:30 p.m., and will feature live performances by a bunch of Siracusa’s Moonshine Cooperative fellas: Willdy Diamond, Eye-Que & Live Assist, DJ Split D and TyBox, whose new disc, Idol Hands, is now available—visit for info, and check the video for his track “The Process” at

Agoraphobic Nosebleed, by Loomis


• Tonight: Danny Cohen comes down from the Ridge and joins his former Near Death Experience drummer Jeff Lee—plus Sacramento’s Rich Driver—for a triple singer/songwriter bill tonight (Sept. 9), 8 p.m., at Café Flo.

• Punk and rock: This is one good-time punk-party bill Friday, Sept. 10, at Monstros Pizza. Those fine Pyrate Punx people have stocked the place with the home team Severance Package, plus a couple of Midwestern crews—The Nature Boys (K.C., Mo.) and Frozen Teens (Minn.)—and Chattanooga, Tenn.’s Hello Shitty People.