Summer DEVOtions

The Assassinator!

The Assassinator!

100-percent DEVOtions! Extreme loud shouting!

• Kill me … softly! If you’re like Arts DEVO, the summer has overheated your bloodlust to the point where only the hunting of the most dangerous game could possibly cool you down. You’re gonna have to hurry, though, because you only have until midnight tonight (Aug. 12) to sign up for the Chico Assassins Guild’s “multi-player live-action game of murderous fun,” wherein you hunt down human prey with your nonlethal Nerf/squirt-gun weapon of choice. “The Moderator will assign a target to you, and this will be sent via email by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 13.” Look up Chico Assassins Guild on Facebook for rules and further instructions. Last assassin standing wins!

This (band) Will Destroy You!

• This Will Destroy You—the San Marcos, Texas, quartet that gets favorably compared to instrumental cohorts Explosions and the Sky and Mogwai has been busy lately recording and releasing a bunch of new music (the two-song 12-inch Moving on the Edges of Things is a lovely slice of unnerving darkness). And thanks to our station between S.F. and Portland, Chico is lucky enough to get a last-minute booking of TWDY at Café Coda tonight (Aug. 12)!


• Yer durn tootin’! From “high noon to sundown” on Saturday, Aug. 14, Paradise Town Councilmember Steve “Woody” Culleton will be hosting the first Cowboy Poetry and Dutch Oven Cook-off fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club at the Gold Nugget Museum in Paradise. This is the proper way to end yer summer vacation: A washer-pitching tournament, pulled-pork and tri-tip barbecue, Feather River Brewing Co. beers, live dutch-oven cooking competition, live music by the Clamper Boogie Band, and live cowboy poetry! If you run into Culleton at the event (he’ll be the one dressed like Gabby Hayes)—give him a hearty slap on the back, consarn it!

Interstate art!

• Roadside attraction! Armando Mejorado is creating a new horizon along I-5 north of Redding. The self-taught artist has been busy building giant red-, silver-, gold- and bronze-colored metal tree sculptures, integrating them with the natural landscape of his property and creating a striking scene visible from the highway just past the Highway 299 exit. While the “Steel Horizon” environment is normally only viewable from the road, you can get an up-close look on Sept. 11, during a charity art exhibit/dinner the artist will be hosting to benefit Another Chance Animal Welfare League. For info on the benefit, the trees and Mejorado’s other art, visit!