Play or die

SICK DAY Arts DEVO is fighting for his life. Sitting in my corner of CN&R HQ is like being in the middle of a quadraphonic nature special, with the barks of coughing seals heard in every direction, hacking toward me as I struggle in the oozing, encroaching surf. So far, I’ve been able to avoid the worst of our common cold, keeping things to a faint tickle in the back of my throat, but I gotta get out of here!

While I step out to snort some colloidal silver and salve my tender spots with Sir John Hill’s pectoral balsam, here’s a Chico-centric crossword puzzle to keep you occupied.


2. Chico band highlighted on NPR last week as one of 10 favorite video entries in recent Tiny Desk Concert contest

4. Fun with anagrams: vice mayor “rages on man” (two words)

5. Complete the series (and win MVP): Viking, Roadrunner, Golden Bear, ______

9. More fun with anagrams: Local pirate gives knowing wink to DA: “Aye, me smirk!” (two words)

11. 3.14159

13. Hottest month in the North Valley

14. Groovy chest filled with second-hand fashions

18. Before the cream sits out too long, you must ______

No. 2 across

19. Presidential candidate who fell hard for Chico

20. The Mother Hips say, “Hey _____ ”


1. Yana for “man”

3. Synthesis currency

6. Local queen “of Versailles”

7. An acronym for celebrating local music

8. Arts DEVO’s favorite movie director

10. Local craft beard evolution

12. The General

15. Aunt Mom’s spouse

16. Annie’s maiden name

17. No people call me Large Maurice