3-D art and The 46. 20 years of art with City of Chico. World-record drummer.

The 46th dimension

The 46th dimension

It’s all happening Sometimes, oftentimes perhaps, others can say it much better than I. The announcement of the impending closing of The 46 art space (2961 Highway 32), and its final three-day, 3-D extravaganza, is best left to 46 founder Dylan Tellesen:

Matt Barber, Andrew Terrell and I have painted a mural of the greatest magnitude. We, as scientists, have spent months researching and developing a now patented chroma-dimensional illusionary technique. With cunning and dexterity we utilized this technique to paint the walls, the doors and the floors causing the total environment to come to life when you put on the top-secret specialized viewing lenses. You have never witnessed anything like this before. You will never see anything like this again.”

It’s all a fundraiser for the new No Kings Gallery being opened by Tellesen, Barber and Terrell (and Kyle Delmar) downtown on Broadway in the space recently vacated by GreenDot Lounge. The festivities take place Jan. 22-24, and include a Friday preview (6-9 p.m.), a Saturday reception + dance party (6-9 p.m. & 10 p.m-4 a.m.) and a Sunday yard sale (noon-4 p.m.).

When asked if the art on display was really going to be in 3-D, Tellesen responded: “Fuck YES, 3-D is for real. You won’t believe your effing mind. Seriously. Print that shit.” OK.

Happy Birthday to art Unless you’re an artist looking for money for your art project, chances are you don’t pay a lot of attention to the city of Chico’s Arts Commission (or any commission or board, for that matter). But it is here, and for the last 20 years the commissioners have been doing behind-the-scenes work as the city’s advisory board and decision-makers for Chico’s public art (in parks, public buildings), and overseers of arts tourism campaigns (Artoberfest, bringing 100 Best Small Art Towns in America author John Villani to town).

To celebrate its 20th birthday, the current arts commissioners (Gary Baugh, Ginny Crawford, Paul Friedlander, TJ Glenn, Carin Hilgeman, Monica McDaniel-Berg and Lucille Wanee), along with City Arts Coordinator Mary Gardner, are putting on an art show featuring works by, and from the collections of, commissioners past and present (including Pat Collentine, Catherine Sullivan, Gregg Payne, Todd Hall and many more). An opening reception/birthday celebration happens Friday, Jan. 22, 5 p.m., in the Chico Municipal Center Building.


The Beat goes off

photo by dain sandoval

• Congratulations to Paradise poet Claire Braz-Valentine, whose poetry was spotlighted earlier this week in a two-night performance titled An Evening of Claireity, at the Santa Cruz Actors’ Theater in Santa Cruz.

• Belated congrats to Chico State students Jonathan Wondrusch and Jessica Chin, who won first and second place, respectively, in the category of animated short at the CSU system’s 2009 Media Arts Festival.

• And an extra-ginormous congratulations to Chico drummer Lou Mars, who played drums for 108.5 hours (4 1/2 days!) straight on a riser inside NorCal Strength & Conditioning, in an effort to break the Guinness World Record for marathon drumming. He missed the record of 120 hours, but he’s one of only three people ever to have drummed for more than 100 hours straight, and he was able to raise money and awareness for the music-for-kids organization, Little Kids Rock. If you see him around town, offer that man a beer … and a back rub!