Chico in Time and on TV, plus KISS dissed and 1078 Gallery is on fire.

Picture of the year.

Picture of the year.

Photo By Eric Lovelin

Chico, Thrillin’ the world Big, huge, astronomically ginormous ups for Chico photographer Eric Lovelin, whose image of dancing ghouls in the Chico City Plaza on Oct. 24, during the world-wide Thrill the World dance, is featured in this week’s Time magazine as part of the annual “The Year in Pictures” issue. Time to edit the résumé! In fact, just ditch the old one, tear out page 63 from Time magazine and circle it with a Sharpie with a note that says, “I did this!” Résumé: done.

Lovelin just recently moved to Chico after grad school to work on his art, do the occasional portrait gig and help his in-laws at Zucchini & Vine. He met local Thrill the World organizer Cathy Small soon after coming to town, volunteered to take photos for the event, then posted the images on his Flickr page. When Time was scouring the net for art for its Michael Jackson photo spread, it came across his image and liked it better than the rest. To see the full-color, full-size version, visit Lovelin’s site at (click on “news,” and follow links to his Flickr page).

More fame Did you hear that Chico is featured in a new TV series that debuted last week on G4 (the former video game network, now “lifestyle channel” … with video games), called Campus PD? As the title suggests, the show follows college-town police officers on the beat, documenting “when college life gets out of control.” Chico is one of the five rotating beats (along with San Marcos, Texas; Tallahassee, Fla.; Greenville, N.C.; and Cincinnati) scheduled to be featured this first season … though no local footage was part of the Dec. 9 debut.

So, how was it? Well, you know how when you arrive completely sober to a party where everyone is already shit-faced and you realize that whatever fun is being had by those assembled looks way more boring and embarrassing without your beer goggles on? Kind of like that—at least for the first episode. See if it picks up at all (and see Chico!) Wednesday nights at 11 p.m.

KISS comes up short, again.

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Coming uppance short I really don’t care about what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does or doesn’t do, but on behalf of former CN&R arts editor, lifelong KISS fan and Arts DEVO BFFF Mark Lore, I will sound a lowing “Boooooo” to the Hall of Lame for once again snubbing the kings of arena rock for induction. The nominees that did make the cut? Jimmy Cliff, The Stooges, Genesis, The Hollies and (for any red-blooded head-banging Kiss Army member this one’s just mean) … ABBA.

Please 1078, don’t hurt us The 1078 Gallery is putting its head down for the hoidays and cranking out much new art. Up next: the two-photographer show of Drew Boughton and Leigh Merrill. A reception for Merrill—featuring acoustic music by Rob Davidson—takes place Friday, Dec. 18, 5-7 p.m. (artist talk at 6 p.m.). Also coming: Warren Haskell and his guitarist friends’ monthly installment of the Guitar Project on Saturday, Dec. 19, 8 p.m.