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Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

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• Vampire Weekend: New amazing songs (“Cousins” and “California English, Pt. 2”), new video (“Cousins”), new album (Contra) coming in January 2010, new lease on life for Arts DEVO. Make yourself all better now at

Joan Doan and the harp guitar.

• John Doan: Dude plays a 20-string harp guitar and has performed alongside everyone from Donovan to Burl Ives. What else do you need to know? Well, maybe this: He’s performing a program called A Victorian Christmas at Trinity United Methodist Church Friday, Dec. 11, 7:30 p.m. And it’s free!

• Concow calendars: The new Concow Phoenix Project calendars are ready. For only $15 apiece you can take care of all of your Christmas gifts and help victims of the Concow fires. Visit for info.

• Music for your health: Enloe Medical Center is holding auditions for musicians interested in “promoting the wellbeing of others through their art.” Thursday, Dec. 17, 4:30-6:30 p.m., at Enloe Conference Center. Call 332-4575 for info.

• Sound footage: If last Wednesday night’s Number One Gun reunion show at LaSalles and the anticipation of Dr. Becky Sagers, PhD’s annual holiday Chico Legends shindig (Dec. 26, Duffy’s Tavern, this year with the Sagers, The Shankers, Barbara Manning and Faydog backed by Deathstar rhythm orchestra) have you feeling like closing the shades to the winter weather and wrapping up in a warm cocoon of nostalgia, here are a few YouTube ports of Chico memories (both recent and ancient) to keep you toasty:

Feentube ( Brutilicus Maximus sax man Feeney’s repository of all things Brut Max (and a few things Fabulous Hofner Brothers). Go from “7th Grade Booty Party” to “Frat Boy Drug Bust” in a few funky clicks of the mouse.

Dylzone ( Former Chico flier artist and Blue Room Theatre geek (now Portland, Ore., theater geek) Dylan Hillerman’s online portfolio includes footage of old-school Blue Room productions (House of Yes, Twilight Zone), rock shows (Deathstar, Buzzwurm) and even a mini-documentary about the origins of the Cosmic Travel Agency. For more recent Blue Room offerings visit CN&R writer Craig Blamer’s SignalXXX (

ChicoBands ( Eclectic collection, featuring 37 live Chico performances, from John LaPado at the Main Event in 1995 to The Yule Logs in downtown Chico in 2008.

ThomasinSaxe ( Thomasin Saxe has a You Tube channel! The Chico State Humanities Center special-projects director and 1078 Gallery board member has posted, among other things, footage from 1078 Gallery’s art and live music events, this year’s Butcher Shop reunion and Bloomsday at the Blue Room.

John Sleigh is a perv.

• Sleigh ride: Speaking of You Tubin’, in anticipation of the upcoming 2009 version of his Sleigh rock musical (Thursday-Saturday, 10:30 p.m., Dec. 10-19, at the Blue Room), Anthony DiPasqua (aka Handsome Gorgeous of the Gorgeous Armada) has produced a slick promo featuring all of the drama, intrigue and sleaze you might expect from his John Sleigh at