Art with heart

Earth-friendly art abounds in Chico

When shopping for new art to add to your collection—or for gifts—consider picking up eco-friendly pieces. Chico and our surrounding communities are filled with artisans crafting amazing things by repurposing, recycling and reusing.

Chico artist Cooie Grey-Lavin, for example, specializes in spectacular mosaic pieces—mostly mirrors—created with everything from sea glass and buttons to broken pottery and coins. If her name rings a bell, it could be because you’ve seen her city art pedestal in front of All Fired Up Ceramic Art Center and Gallery on Broadway. The little seat—called Chico Trees—features leaves cut out of old pottery, buttons, beads and many more treasures most folks would toss into the trash. You just missed her during the Open Studios Tour, but Grey-Lavin also sells by appointment (342-4754) and at San Francisco Flowers in downtown Chico.

Another example is AicoraGems Jewelry Box Gallery at 1334 Mangrove Ave., which offers a variety of green and socially responsible (and beautiful!) handcrafted jewelry—including pieces featuring synthetic sapphires and conflict-free diamonds—and art glass made by local designers. Owner Geralyn Sheridan also stocks items made from reclaimed and recycled precious metals.