Arrr, mateys!

Aurora Tehan

Photo By Mark Lore

You’ll see plenty of wildlife on a trip on ye olde Sacramento River. But what about a fleet of kayaks and canoes filled with 20 or so swashbucklin’ wenches and scallywags? If you’re on the water Saturday, Aug. 9, you might catch Aurora Tehan and her merry band of buccaneers as they make the 25-mile journey from Woodson Bridge to Scotty’s Landing. The event is in its third year and, ye never know, this could become Northern California’s equivalent to the skydiving Flying Elvi in Vegas. The group welcomes anyone who wants a (long) day of pirate adventure on the river, and Tehan said the event has brought out people ages 21 to 60. “This year I have a friend coming who’s 72,” Tehan said. “She can hang; she’s a tough girl.” Those who want to join the armada can call Tehan at 343-3243.

What sort of supplies do you bring?

Everyone brings their own food and drinks … or gobbles and grog. Whatever people want. We’ve had everything from sushi to bologna sandwiches.

Tell me about the trip.

We sing songs, but the most fun is the reaction from people who see us.

What’s the reaction been?

Everyone says, “Ooh, pirates, ahoy matey!” People ask us, “What club are you in?” And we tell them we’re just doing it for fun.

Whose idea was this?

My girlfriend and I go canoeing every year and we decided to dress up and tell all our friends. My daughter will be almost eight months pregnant and she’ll go. She goes every year. We’ve had people go who will never go again—it’s not physically hard, just a long day.

Any difficulties out on the water?

Yeah, a gal drank too much and was rocking her canoe, which is why we recommend not drinking too much.

Not too much grog …

No, no, plenty of water.

Why have you had two floats this year?

We want people to have a chance to have fun. With the fires and gas prices, it hasn’t been a good summer. This allows local fun that doesn’t cost much. We have canoe space available—first come first served.

What’s with people’s fascination with pirates?

They’re wild, rebellious, and the clothes are fun. I think we all want to be unruly, and you get to be loud. I have fun doing almost everything—if you want to have fun, it’s going to be fun.