Amazing eats for 10 bucks

Chico State nutrition students make sustainable meals on the cheap

Photo By Jade Miles

Want to eat cheaply on fresh, local food fare? Let Chico State nutrition students show you the health benefits, sustainability, ease and cost savings of turning food from Chico’s farmers markets into delicious, nutritious meals.

Professor Stephanie Bianco-Simeral’s foodservice production class is inviting the public to sample breakfast and lunch fare during a free informative how-to event called Chico on $10 a day.

Bianco-Simeral’s students are learning to integrate sustainability into foodservice and will use eco-friendly practices in all stages of the project. This includes walking over to the Saturday farmers market in downtown Chico, using canvas bags for shopping, preparing all food, composting scraps, using standard recipes and budgeting three meals for $10! They’ve also grown fresh herbs to use in the food preparation and will even decorate with recyclables.

Head to Selvester’s Café (on campus behind Kendall Hall) on Saturday, Dec. 6, from 1-3 p.m., and sample yummy dishes, such as frittata on a freshly baked crostini, pumpkin bread and butternut squash soup.

In addition to preparing these dishes, the students have put together 23 educational displays. Here are just a few:

• Making homemade baby food

• Composting in the home and in foodservice

• Growing a small garden

• Food safety