All Frequencies

According to their PR, the three lads who compose the group (all Canadians, eh?) got their name from “a chance remark by legendary blues man Son House: ‘I’m talkin’ ’bout the blues. I ain’t talkin’ about monkey junk.’” What began as an Ottawa blues trio five years ago has morphed into a group of “blues/root rockers.” With Steve Marriner on harmonica, baritone guitar, keys and vocals; Tony D, lead guitar and vocals; and Matt Sobb on drums, they deliver the goods. Among the disc’s 10 songs is a terrific version of Louisiana songwriter Bobby Charles’ “Why Are People Like That?” which, after a series of unfortunate incidents, prompts Marriner to ask the title’s question. Tony D’s slide guitar enlivens a few songs (e.g.,“Sirens in the Night,” “What I Got to Give”) as does Marriner’s keyboard action on the uptempo “Say What?” The phonetically spelled “Je Nah Say Kwah” is Marriner’s only response after singing “I can’t explain just what she’s got,” while on the highly danceable groove of “Yearnin’ for Yesterday,” she’s got him craving an earlier time. The CD’s title refers to its analog recording process, which included the use of vintage mics, making this a very satisfying sonic experience. Look up their version of Muddy Waters’ “Tiger in Your Tank” on YouTube.