Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Rated 3.0

Blithely ignoring the set-up and events of the first entry, here the Predators are having a little bit of an infestation problem aboard their ratty spacecraft. Things go from bad to worse and the ship spirals out of control to crash land in the foresty outskirts of a sleepy Colorado town. Soon, Aliens are skittering off toward town and disappearing down into the sewer system. Meanwhile, off in deep space, a Predator pest-control officer is dispatched to head in and do some clean-up. And the concept of collateral damage isn’t in his playbook. Battlefield: Downtown, USA. With no plot to get in the way, there’s a gnarly early-’80s vibe to the proceedings and the narrative is refreshingly approached as a non-name ensemble piece. If nothing else, it’s a nasty R-rated sibling to the PG-13 first entry that dispenses with the sci-fi trappings and just sets about building up the body count.