Aid community, shop locally

Spend money in a way that gives back to your neighbors

When CN&R set off to find local businesses that have embraced manu-facturing, we didn’t realize we’d find so many. Turns out, there are a lot of very successful ventures in the area that make their products right here in Butte County. For just a small sampling, see our special Entrepreneurs Issue starting on page 18.

Companies that do manufacturing are not always easy to spot; many are tucked away in industrial areas. And because they often sell across the state, nation and, in some cases, worldwide, they don’t seek kudos from local media. Instead, they keep a low-profile and work on marketing their wares beyond county confines.

But these are companies worthy of being celebrated and commended by locals. That’s because they are employing members of our community. That’s a big deal. For starters, it means that our friends and neighbors are earning a paycheck. It also means that the wages they make will be put back into the local economy in the form of housing, food and other goods.

In a time when it’s easier and cheaper to have wares produced in China and other places with questionable labor laws and environmental regulations, it says a lot about a company that chooses the domestic route. It’s called integrity and that’s a rare quality these days.

So, readers, if you want to spread the good will, think about where you make your purchases. When you’re buying something, try to find someone who makes the product locally. If what you’re looking for isn’t made in our region, chances are there’s a local retailer—brick and mortar or online—who has it on hand. Spend your money there; much of it will stay in our region.

In other words, shop locally whenever possible. Your community thanks you.