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Finding health care providers is often a challenge for residents of Butte County

Health care is difficult to attain for many residents of Butte County, including those with mental health challenges, a recently released report finds.

In the Butte County Community Health Assessment for 2015-17, compiled by multiagency partnership Together We Can: Healthy Living in Butte County, 28 percent of respondents who accessed health care outside of their home reported that they couldn't find a provider for their health needs in their home city. Furthermore, about 9 percent said they couldn't find doctors who accept Medi-Cal or Medicaid, while about 8 percent said their insurance covered only providers outside the area.

Of respondents who reported mental health needs, 29 percent said they couldn't find the appropriate services in Butte County, while 17 percent said they could obtain only some of the services they need.