Aaron Pico

Ghost of a New Machine

Local singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Pico (The Alternators, Jeff Pershing Band) gives a big nod to pop-rock idol Todd Rundgren throughout his new CD, including in the title, which has nothing to do with The Police’s Ghost in the Machine, as many might think, but rather is a phrase from the Rundgren song “Fix Your Gaze.” Pico wrote four of the five tunes on the CD (Redding guitarist Marvin Allen co-wrote “LaFaix” with him), with Rundgren’s popular “Love of the Common Man” rounding out the five-song disc. Pico’s singing and songwriting style easily evoke Rundgren. His voice is clear and strong, and his vocal range large. The multiple tracks of vocal harmonies with himself are impressive, as is the fact that he plays all of the instruments on the CD (drum sounds are sampled but edited by Pico). Track 5, “The Eloquent Man,” is a short-but-sweet, haunting instrumental tribute to poignant historical figure John Merrick.Purchase Ghost of a New Machine from Pico at aaron-pico@webtv.net.