In My Mind All the Time

Anyone who has seen Numbers live knows how fun and frenetic the group can be. This energy has translated well to disc, amazingly enough. Local bands—regardless of locale—sometimes have a problem with sounding too local, leaving those outside the specific scene scratching their heads. But Numbers seems to want to sound more local than any other band ever. So, here’s a dozen songs honed by countless shows in front of friends. Want proof? There’s a song called “We’re Numbers” in which the band members say their first names over a Casio beat until the chorus kicks in: “We’re Numbers!/It’s true.” On “Hot Fire,” the guitar and Moog synth do a call and response that only can be described as sounding broken. The album opener “Go to Show” sets the stage: “There are many bands that play,” Indra Dunis sings, “I go to see them everyday.” Sure, there are many bands that play, but few as interesting or worthwhile as Numbers.