A welcome option

The return of competition in local TV news is appreciated

Elsewhere in this issue (see Downstroke, page 8) we report that Chico soon will have a second television news purveyor. Redding-based KRCR’s owners recently purchased the FOX20 studio in Chico and, according to reliable sources, plan soon to launch a Chicocentric news show that will compete with the Action News team on Channels 12 and 24.

Most readers will remember that for many years those two stations were separate and competitive. Then they merged, and so did the news teams. This was good for the stations’ bottom lines, but it was bad for Chico. The spark of competition that had spurred two stations to try to outdo each other was gone.

Local television news programs, like daily newspapers, have been struggling of late. People increasingly get their daily news via the Internet. That’s why KRCR’s decision to do a Chico news show is welcome. A good local news broadcast offers a package of stories and information in a cohesive and visually attractive way that can’t be found on the Internet.

Our hope is that this new competition will spark greater viewer interest in what both TV news teams are doing, foster sharper reporting and editing and, ultimately, enhance the Chico public’s awareness of the issues, events and people that are important to the community.