A trip to the zoo

Famous faces, from Chico State elite to policy-makers and other quasi-celebrities

Campus habitat

On the edge of downtown, bisected by a creek, neighboring Bidwell Mansion and Chico High, Chico State is pretty easy to locate. Hint: If you see police cadets, a solar panel “farm” and signs saying “Butte College,” you’ve gone a different direction.

Paul Zingg (Manicus the)

University president—the man. What more do we have to say?

Jesse Eller (Presidente estudio)

Associated Students president—get to know him, he’s your voice.

Sergy El-Morshedy (Honchus radiomicus)

This journalism student is multitalented—he’s not only general manager of the student Internet radio station KCSC, he’s also one of the CN&R’s very own interns.

Tasha Dev (Abroadus inchargus)

She heads up the study abroad program at Chico State. So if you feel like you want to get away—far, far, away—you know who to turn to.

Eric Reichel (Copus topus)

Baddies, beware: Chico State has a new police chief, and he means business.

City Hall habitat

Stand in the City Plaza and look across Main Street. See that old building under renovation? Not City Hall. See the smaller building? You’re getting warmer: City Council chambers. Behind it, next to “the hands” sculpture, is Chico’s equivalent to a skyscraper. Bingo!

Andy Holcombe (Mayorum juris doctor)

Picked as mayor by City Council colleagues, he’s up for re-election in November. Day job: attorney specializing in housing rights.

Ann Schwab (CAVEicus Velo)

The vice mayor, also up for re-election, works for Associated Students and can be seen biking through town—sometimes in the park with Chico Velo clubmates. Other big passion: sustainability.

Mary Flynn (Schwabal new-bossian)

Schwab has seniority on the City Council, but Flynn outranks her at work: Community Action Volunteers in Education, located in Chico State’s Bell Memorial Union.

TV Newsroom habitat

Local channels 12 and 24, and the CW10 cable channel, all use the same reporters for their newscasts. Don’t get too attached to ’em—they tend to move on to bigger cities. Welcome to market 130, people!

Charity Bailey (Astralis a.m.)

Wake Up! producers love to send her to wacky places, so look for her at 5:30 in the morning at coffee houses, kitchens, candy stores, pet groomers, the mall, the fairgrounds …

Rob Blair (Meteorologist fabuloso)

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas—Blair is back and as popular as ever, evidenced by his latest Best of Chico award from CN&R readers.

Kelli Saam and Jerry Olenyn (Collegas cohabital)

They got their taste of big-city TV, got married, then came to Chico, where both could be anchors and raise their kids. (All together now, like we’re seeing a panda cub: Awwwww!)