Now entering Chicoland

Let the CN&R be your guide to the attractions

Ah, the college experience.

These are going to be some of the best years of your life. Really. And since you’ve chosen Chico as your home, who knows, maybe you’ll decide to stick around when you graduate in four … five … heck, maybe even six years (it happens). Seriously, this town has a tendency to suck you in.

In any case, newbies, welcome aboard what is sure to be an interesting ride. To help you navigate the ups and downs and twists and turns, the Chico News & Review, the region’s alternative weekly newspaper, presents Goin’ Chico with a variety of stories on things you should know about your new home. Sure, you’ve probably been introduced to some of the happenings on campus, but what about the rest of the stuff that makes this region so different from, well, everywhere else?

Think of this special publication as your guide. We’ll walk you through many attractions, from the competitive side of local saloons to some the best eats Chico’s “food court” has to offer.

Go back in time to the old West for a glimpse at the important people, places and events that helped establish the area. We’re talking the sometimes ugly side of the Gold Rush era. And make sure to visit the zoo to see the movers and shakers shaping Chico’s future. But don’t try to feed the animals.

Take a look at some of the events that have cast a national eye on this little part of the world and learn from the mistakes of the past. Yes, Chico State really was named the No. 1 party school in the nation a couple decades ago. Thanks, Playboy.

Don’t forget that you’re now part of the action. We know studying is important, but so is getting to know your surroundings. Be adventurous and inquisitive! Keep your eyes open and discover some everyday wonders. Matt Brown did so while spending his undergraduate years here, and now he’s back, teaching at the university. Take it from him and us, Chico is worth exploring, and while exploring you’ll probably just happen to find yourself.

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