A Perfect Getaway

Rated 4.0

It’s not often that strong acting, visual splendor and a believable script combine in the making of a horror film. Especially after you throw in the fear in the pit of your stomach and killer plot twists, writer/director David Twohy really pulls it off. Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich play a couple looking for some adventure on their honeymoon in Hawaii. While trekking a secluded trail on Kuau’i, they run into another couple (Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez) who are headed the same direction. Then they get word via cell phone that another couple were recently murdered in Waikiki and the killers are on the loose, and then the paranoia begins. Even after suffering through sometimes cheesy dialogue (“He’s really hard to kill.”), it’s the cast that ends up carrying the film, pulling it from B-movie status to full-fledged thriller. The final act is where the real fun is, including the “twist” alluded to in the previews. It’s all quite cleverly concocted, possibly even requiring a second viewing to set everything straight. Feather River Cinemas. Rated R