Funny People

Rated 4.0

Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) has this knack for being able to portray real people in real situations. The hilarity that ensues, then, may be stupid and juvenile, but it’s based in reality, rather than merely being slapstick. Funny People is at once a story about comedians, mortality and love, and there’s a fine comedy-drama balancing act being played out by the main characters. Adam Sandler plays George Simmons, a famous comedian who has done all manner of silly movies and has recently discovered he has a rare blood disease and might not have long to live. This deadline on life gives him renewed vigor, and he returns to the standup circuit, where he encounters newbie comedian Ira Wright (Seth Rogen), whom he hires to write jokes. Much of the film revolves around the relationship that develops between George and Ira, as well as, in varying degrees, their relationships with others: stand-up comedians (Jonah Hill), wannabe celebrities (Jason Schwartzman), the girl “who got away” Laura (Leslie Mann) and her current Australian husband, Clarke (Eric Bana). Feather River Cinemas and Tinseltown. Rated R