Zoe Records

Rush: R30

Fanboys and girls should be thrilled with R30. Rock power is up, and bloated arrangements are down. Even “Force Ten” kicks ass. The trio has learned from the sonic misstep of 2003’s Rush in Rio. Here they’re louder, even if Alex Lifeson’s guitar is sometimes muddy. Disc one contains an entire performance from Frankfurt, Germany, presented in high-definition. It’s expertly filmed, and the band’s glee is downright fun to watch; chuckle when frontman-bassist Geddy Lee tweaks Lifeson’s guitar after covering the Who, and watch Lifeson grin like a loon after Neil Peart’s thunderous drum fills on the mighty “Tom Sawyer.” Disc two is a time capsule of rare interviews and performances culled from 30 years of archives. The deluxe edition includes guitar picks, a backstage pass and a double CD of the Frankfurt concert.